About M-Tech Printing

Michael and Alyce Kitt

M-Tech Printing was started in 1988 – that’s eons ago in printing years!
The reason we set up the business was to take a whole new approach – to give our customers a way to get something printed no matter how daunting their specs. If they wanted to print thousands of brochures that were 4/4 color 11x17 100 gloss text OR small quantities of a simple 4 color postcard – we took it as our personal mission to create the place that would do it perfectly.

We didn’t want to be hamstrung working with shops that had a finite set of equipment. We craved a way to offer MUCH more.

Today M-Tech is the consummate printing brokerage – finding resources for their clients which are second to none. The variety of items that M-Tech can provide for our clientele is extensive – ranging from oversized brochures to sell sheets to premium items – even trade show booths.

One client who used M-Tech’s services for more than a decade has this to say: “Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that I needed produced – I went to M-Tech. That included an engraved Swarovski® crystal bowl for a CEO’s retirement party.”

M-Tech is not limited to ink on paper. Think of our company as a Hollywood concierge or personal assistant in the terrifying world of printing and production. If it needs to be made – M-Tech will get it made for you.

We take all the pressure off. If you are short staffed (and who isn’t these days) – you can delegate work to M-Tech and look like a mega-miracle worker. How DID you get that product launched in record time without an assistant on board? You have one, behind the scenes, making it all come together.

Brochures, catalogs, sales kits, banners – everything you might need to debut a product nationally or internationally – we can pull it together for you. (Even if that means producing a whole stage set with a baseball greats theme for a sales meeting!)

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